How to Turn Business Analytics Data into Actionable Insights

Forrester thought-leadership report explores how businesses are turning data into actionable insights that drive tangible business outcomes.

Very few enterprises today run their business by intuition. Most are data driven, meaning they utilize big data from their customers, business performance metrics, products, etc., to help inform business decisions.

However, that does not equate to being able to turn data into actionable insights and drive tangible business outcomes. In fact, 81% want to extract more value from big data, and 80% want to become more advanced in their ability to perform business analytics.

This Forrester report highlights five principles that distinguish how insights-driven companies work and how they differ from data-driven organizations:

  • Create operating models based on data insights.
  • Ensure data insights are actionable.
  • Embrace continuous learning.
  • Establish a strategic focus for insights investments.
  • Approach insights collection and implementation as a group effort.

Download the Forrester report, How to Become an Insights-Driven Business, for more information.