Business Analytics for SMBs

Large businesses are not the only ones working to organize and use new business analytics to improve decision making. Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are also taking advantage of new information resources for the changing business environment. 

As part of that process, they’re using business analytics to improve their understanding of current business operations, assess how the external environment is changing, and identifying the actions that will be most effective moving forward.

The growing number of SMBs moving forward with digital transformation will give these companies a competitive advantage over firms that are not thinking in similarly innovative ways. These leading-edge firms are not necessarily "born on the cloud" companies; rather, they are firms that have adjusted business operations in ways that are responsive to internal and external feedback about what is working and what needs adjustment.

Download the informative IDC report, Analytics for SMBs: Sharpen Operations, Capitalize on Business Opportunities, for additional insights.