NTT DATA Business Solutions

Drive Customer Engagement across Channels and Devices



How can you create a frictionless, personalized, and value-packed digital experience across devices and channels while respecting the privacy and security of your customers?

Start by enabling a more transparent and simpler way for online visitors to gain access to your properties and make themselves known. In other words, to deliver the best possible experience to customers, invite them in and get to know them.

To drive better marketing, sales, e-commerce, services, and product initiatives in a digitally transforming marketplace, your business needs the ability to:

  • Give customers a more flexible and convenient way to connect with your brands and properties.
  • Identify and engage customers across devices, channels, and regions securely and with minimal friction.
  • Deliver more personalized and highly valued customer experiences that take advantage of permission-based data collected directly from consumers in ongoing, transparent value-for-information exchanges.
  • Balance an optimized customer experience with security and privacy.

Learn about SAP solutions that will help you to create a frictionless customer experience. Download the solution brief, Identify and Engage Customers across Channels and Devices.