The MPI Group has been studying manufacturers’ engagement with Industry 4.0 for several years, and changes over time are clear. Leaders recognize that their companies must digitize now, or become vulnerable to competition.

The MPI 2020 Industry 4.0 Study examines the extent to which manufacturers are leveraging Industry 4.0 – embedding intelligence and/or smart devices into their operations and connecting them to the enterprise and supply chain, as well as offering new products that incorporate embedded intelligence.

  • 45% say it’s extremely important
  • 30% say it’s very important
  • More than half indicate it will have significant impact on their industries in the next five years

Industry 4.0 is altering the competitive landscape of manufacturing because it provides financial, operational and brand value across a range of functions. To learn more about Industry 4.0 and how it is driving agility and productivity in manufacturing, download the MPI Group report.