Unlocking New Business Value with Intelligent Technology

The chemical industry is facing huge opportunities and challenges in the digital economy, and innovative companies are focusing on developing differentiating, customer-centric business models and processes to stay ahead of the competition, while also striving for safe and highly autonomous operations:

  • Customer-centric R&D that anticipates customer and consumer demand, collaborates with extended ecosystems, simulates product and formulation performance in customer applications, and designs products that reduce resource and energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.
  • Integrated operations management, applying digital technologies to help with analyzing production process variables in real time and simulating their impact on product quality, costs and yield.
  • Intelligent assets, enabling a digital twin and IoT connectivity of assets to support continuous monitoring of asset health, process quality, throughput, waste and emissions.
  • The digital supply chain, using technologies like blockchain, IoT, 3D printing and machine learning to provide opportunities to optimize, extend, and even disrupt supply chain processes and models.

Interested to learn more? Download the SAP Point of View white paper, The Digital Chemical Industry: Unlocking New Business Value with Intelligent Technology.