Boost Business Analytics with Hybrid Cloud

As businesses evaluate how to improve their current analytics and data processing capabilities, many see the adoption of more cloud capabilities as the logical next step. Most businesses with mature analytics/BI have taken a hybrid approach for both data analytics and processing, meaning that analytics/BI is occurring both on-premise and in the cloud today.

Forrester’s study found that businesses are embracing hybrid cloud to support analytics/BI because it:

  • Enables them to put data insights to greater use for driving business improvements.
  • Expands the value of analytics/BI more broadly across the enterprise.
  • Allows the ability to leverage modern cloud analytics architectures.
  • Provides greater resource and pricing elasticity to meet ever-changing customer and other business requirements.

Adoption of hybrid strategies can be a challenge for many businesses. However, in most cases, cloud solutions uniquely solve the challenges that businesses are most concerned about for the future of their analytics/BI.

Read the Forrester white paper to learn more.