How to Extend your Online Platform to a Full-Service Solution



The more technology evolves, the more customers demand that it help them increase control in their relationships with companies. This trend is especially true for B2B customers, who need convenience to gain flexibility in how they spend their valuable time.

In this playbook, we explore how companies can improve their operations and give their B2B customers greater flexibility with a complete digital platform. By the end of the playbook, readers will:

  • Know why B2B customers appreciate a digital platform
  • Learn what a digital platform is and what it entails
  • Discover the benefits of implementing a digital platform
  • Understand how this approach has affected real-life companies
  • See how NTT DATA Business Solutions can assist companies in pivoting to a digital platform

Given the potential for success, it’s no wonder that 70% of customer service and support leaders plan to dedicate the bulk of their budgets to digital channels and capabilities in 2021.

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