Companies are ready to take their analytics to the cloud. Did you know…

  • Outside of Security; Reliability, Performance, and Costs as the most critical components for the cloud-based analytics implementations
  • Over 56% of the respondents indicated that their budgets fell within a band of $1 million to $25 million on an annual basis
  • The primary business driver was to decrease the time to delivery of analytical and business intelligence. Most important was Improved Speed to Implementation on Analytical Projects


Cloud Based Analytics

Cloud Based Analytics Are Driving Business Intelligence

Cloud-based implementations have the advantage of providing faster time to provisioning and a significantly different cost structure from traditional software implementations based on on-premises installations. However, analytics and business intelligence in the cloud were slower to reach widespread acceptance. To determine the status of Analytics and Business Intelligence in the Cloud, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) embarked on an end-user research study to look at the current state of cloud-based analytics. The survey uncovered several key findings. Download the white paper research report to find out how others in the industry are moving their analytics and business intelligence to the cloud.

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