Most of us would agree that business has changed more in the past 15 years than in the past five decades. And while it’s true that all of that change is driving uncertainty across every area of business, human resources is particularly affected.

  • There are currently five generations of active workers – unprecedented in world history. This creates a great deal of diversity in backgrounds and working styles, as well as expectations around managerial styles, flexibility and more.
  • The proliferation of digital tools is also a major factor, affecting everything from core business strategy to the basic sales and marketing funnel.
  • An increasing amount of procurement spend is on contingent labor, and in some enterprises contingent workers outnumber traditional employees.

It’s clear that change and increasing complexity are new constants in business. And if your business model is going to change repeatedly, you’ll need a core HR system that doesn’t just keep up, but actually stays ahead of your business needs.

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