Custom Code Remediation



Custom code remediation is a particular area of concern for many businesses. After investing in custom code over a number of years, the prospect of moving it over to S/4HANA can be intimidating. However, using a custom code analyzer to run through all of your custom code can help you to quickly identify what needs to be remediated.

You will definitely need to complete code remediation before you move to SAP HANA or S/4HANA, but manual code remediation is impractical and expensive. Using an automatic code remediation tool can reduce costs and significantly improve code performance. Key processes with automated code remediation include:

  • Optimize existing ABAP code
  • Automatically fix poorly performing code and make your code SAP HANA-ready

Our custom code remediation tool uses a rapid deployment model and is embedded in our S/4HANA conversion offering.  Our data shows that a customer with 10,000 custom objects can save thousands of hours of manual effort, which negates development costs and funds the S/4HANA conversion project.

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