For many years, intercompany reconciliation has been cited as one of the most common and frequently occurring barriers to a faster close. 

Many organizations rely on financial consolidation systems as their intercompany reconciliation tool. Yet waiting until the data is consolidated is typically several days into the close or, in some cases, even after the general ledger is closed. The result is that headquarters finance is often overwhelmed with managing reconciliations when they should be focused on other tasks around closing and reporting for which they are better suited.

What if you could reconcile intercompany balances earlier in the process, allowing you to close your books faster? Learn about the benefits of an automated cash flow by viewing this webcast:

  • Reduce the length of your reporting cycles
  • Improve the accuracy of your intercompany transactions
  • Free up your finance staff so they spend less time gathering and reconciling data, and more time analyzing it

There is a way to ease the burden on corporate finance and eliminate days from the time-consuming closing process. Learn how by viewing the webcast.