To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment, consumer products companies need to employ greater speed, agility, and defense to outmaneuver competitors. Players can create space and options by mastering a move known on the basketball court as the cross-over. At its best, the strategy can be hypnotic, disguising your next step and keeping your rivals off balance as you get into position to make your next big play.

In this SAP Point of View white paper, learn how a killer cross-over strategy can help consumer products companies:

  • Evolve the consumer experience by keeping strategic options open and flexible as needs change.
  • Stay hyper-focused on delivering on a myriad of consumer choices
  • Leverage new types of data, digital capabilities, partners and success measures to identify and support such game-changing maneuvers

To learn more, download the white paper, The Cross-Over Effect: Positioning Consumer Products on the Growth Path.