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Wholesale Distribution: Building the Case to Thrive in a Digital Economy

Wholesale distribution is a massive and critical part of the economy, providing the products and services that keep everything moving. What will it take for wholesale distributors to thrive in the digital economy?

During the discussion, our panel of experts talk about the differentiators, challenges, best practices and vision for the future of wholesale distribution, including:

  • What’s driving distributors to change their business model.
  • The challenges of change, and the dangers of failing to change.
  • How to start the journey to digital transformation.
  • Best practices for using technology to your advantage.
  • Setting a vision for the future.
  • Where the industry is headed.

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Meet the Speakers

Mark Dancer
Chief Executive Officer, Network for Business Innovation

Mark Dancer is passionate about pushing the boundaries of B2B innovation and creating foresight for the future of distribution. As the author of Mark Dancer on Innovating B2B, a Substack newsletter, he writes for B2B innovators at distributors, manufacturers, and platforms, sharing insights from the future of work, learning, technology, and more, then exploring B2B innovations designed to benefit customers, communities, society, and the economy. As a National Association of Wholesale Distributors (NAW) Fellow, Mark works with distributors and trade associations to develop innovation competencies and the confidence to do business differently. Everything he does is about helping companies and organizations achieve their purpose and make a difference as humans for humans, in the digital age.

Paul Pretko
Industry Executive Advisor, Wholesale Distribution, SAP America, Inc.

Paul Pretko an Industry Executive Advisor for Wholesale Distribution at SAP America, Inc. He is an enterprise technology and operations leader with over 35 years of comprehensive experience in logistics and distribution environments, executing operational improvement strategies through digital technology. He focuses on enabling operational excellence and profitable growth with SAP solutions for wholesale distribution.

Jimmy Dickinson
Industry Solution Principal, Wholesale Distribution, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Jimmy Dickinson serves as industry solution principal and vice president at NTT DATA Business Solutions North America. He has been in the industry for over 16 years and working with NTT DATA Business Solutions for over 14 years in a variety of roles. Through numerous customer projects, he has developed extensive experience in all aspects of SAP business applications selection, implementation and optimization.